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Happy Kids was created in Mallorca 2016 by Lluis Morell and Charlotte Magnusson.

JMP-2016-02-07-117Lluis is a qualified teacher from Mallorca. He have been working with children and youths since 2002. Since 12 years he is working as a Spanish and physical education teacher in the Swedish School in Palma with children between 3-16 years old with different nationalities. Lluis daily meet parents that demands help with childcare and extra teaching. Those foreign parents are aswell very interested in learning the Spanish language.

Charlotte is from Sweden, and have been living in Mallorca since 2004. She have been working with children in preschools, schools and as tennis instructor since 2001. She has a bachelors degree in Business Administration and is a real estate agent. In her current work as a real estate agent she daily meet foreigns that demands help with childcare. Mostly of those clients that buy properties on the Island are also very interested of learning the Spanish language.


Take care of children in there own home or at the hotel they staying at combined with the idea of learning a language in a motivated and a funny way is Happy Kids.

The idea of Happy Kids we have had for many years, but it was first in 2015 when our daughter Leah was born that we realized the huge demand there are for our services. As a parent you realize how important it is to get help with the children ones in a while and to spend some time alone for yourself and your partner. On this Island there are a lot of foreigners that wish to learn the Spanish language in a more motivated way then the normal traditional Spanish lessons.

Our goals are very clear:

1- Let the parents enjoy there time while there children are in safe hands.

2-That the children learn a language in a motivated and enjoyable way.

3-That youths and adults have the possibility to learn a language in a motivated way by choosing one or several of our programs.